Home Buyers Survey

This is the second level and most popular survey and report, which is more detailed than the condition or valuation report.

The Homebuyer’s survey is suitable for conventional properties which are generally in reasonable condition. If a property is old or in a dilapidated state, then a more detailed and thorough building (structural) survey would be more suitable.

It involves the surveyor visiting the property and producing a report which gives you an overview of the property’s condition and:

  • Highlights any significant issues that may affect the physical property and or its value
  • Provides advice on repairs and any ongoing maintenance
  • Identifies issues that may need further investigation to prevent any serious damage or dangerous conditions
  • Comments on legal issues that may need to be addressed prior to completion, e.g. obtaining copies of statutory approval for alteration works and extensions
  • Provides information relating to the location, local environment and any recorded energy efficiency information

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