Residential Building Surveys

Buying a house if often the biggest decision and investment you can make so it is important that you get the right advice.  A building survey can help you make a reasoned and informed decision whether to proceed with a property purchase.

The surveyor will be able to confirm:

  • Whether the property is reasonably priced or whether it is over or even undervalued.
  • Whether there are any serious or urgent defects or risks in purchasing the property which may require attention and be costly to rectify.

The survey can be a useful tool to help you in your negotiations and enable you to renegotiate the price of the property based on any identified repairs or issues prior to any legal commitment.

By engaging an RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) qualified surveyor you can be sure that the surveyor has the required training, expertise and competency to undertake a building survey and your report will have the full backing of the RICS.

What survey do I need?

RICS surveys through Canute SPC include three levels of survey:

  1. Condition Report (level 1)
  2. Homebuyers Survey (level 2)
  3. Building Survey (level 3).

RICS Condition Report survey

This is the most basic form of survey and report.  It involves the surveyor visiting the property and producing a report which gives you an overview of the property’s condition and highlights any significant issues, but does not go into detail.  The surveyor uses a useful traffic light system in the report to highlight the condition of different parts of the property.  No valuation is included with this survey.

The basic survey is suitable for anyone buying a relatively new property with no previous issues and just want reassurance that everything is okay.

RICS Homebuyer’s report

This is the second level and most popular survey and report, which is more detailed than the condition or valuation report.

The Homebuyer’s survey is suitable for conventional properties which are generally in reasonable condition.  If a property is old or in a dilapidated state, then a more detailed and thorough building (structural) survey would be more suitable.

RICS Building Survey

The third level of survey and report which is the most thorough survey you can get.  It provides a comprehensive analysis and report on the condition of a property.

It fully lists defects and provides advice on repairs and maintenance and budget costs where possible.

The survey is the most intrusive and will involve the surveyor going into roof spaces and lifting floor boards where possible.  The report will include the surveyor’s opinion on the potential for hidden defects in areas such as floor voids and wall structure where not accessible.  The surveyor will provide information on potential repair options.

The building survey is the best option when you are buying a older properties or homes in need of repair.  It is also recommended if you are considering doing major alterations such as a large extension or converting the property into flats.

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